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Right Away, Great Captain

This song is by Right Away, Great Captain! and appears on the album The Bitter End (2007).

Right away great captain
I'll go where you need me
The banks of the north shore
Or the hills I'll go fleeting
Just give me one minute to tell my wife good bye
I loved her so dearly but it's time to take real flight
On a dark desert road
Or a middle sized fake show you lead me to
(It's so dark in there)

Well right away great captain
I'll surely leave everything
God damned I love you
But God you mean more to me
Than any three hole punched fake scripture could come from me
Just know that I love you
But love's such a simile

For pearl gates of gold
I will do my best to meet you there half way
Or the whole way
On a high way you know
Where the ending will take place so beautifully
So beautifully
So beautifully

Right away great captain
I'll go where you want me to
Don't make it much harder
Than what I have gone through
If you've got your systems I'll tear down these walls
You haven't seen devils till you've seen them all
You've got to be strong
I'll take you back, if you want me to
On a highway you know
I will do my best to meet you there

Please don't leave
I wish you'd say, please don't leave me...

But darling I am leaving
Yeah, I'll leave here now

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