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No Evil Angels

This song is by Rifles At Recess.

Please don't pull this dagger from my back I want the whole world to have a place to
Hang their hats and watch the shadows wilt.i want the whole world to pull up roots
From the earth like veins from the belly of revelation. I want to fly these abused
Skies and take the grand tour of armageddon looking through a dead saints eyes. strip
The king of his crown and melt it down to mold me shackles where ill remain chained
In contempt by the failure of what a ruler dreamt when his eyes closed and reopened
Dead with poems of apocolypse carved into his head. I wake up dazed from the summers
Heat and find the carvers knife laying at my feet. I am the author of tomorrow, i
Am the inkwells plea for featherpens. I am 100 needles sewing the sun undone (and
Selling fire one flame at a time). close your eyes and dream and tell forever that
I'm coming to steal his 9 to 5.

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