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Here's to Broken Boys

This song is by Rifles At Recess.

I whispered your name last night into dark freezing pillows and sighed when nothing
Was returned but breezes that blew me tight to sleep, my arms are getting so tired
Of hugging memories and falling pieces to the floor.there I am on hands and knees
Picking up smiles and your make-up's not a mask anymore. I love you today just like
The days before to hear your voice in dreams inside of me. I slip beneath the sky
Again to catch a glimpse of you preparing for me more memories, was it always this
Fucking peaceful even when you cried? I whispered your name last night into dark
Freezing pillows and sighed when nothing was returned but breezes.i would love to
Think that our worlds together had no hands of time but we're running thin on the
Time we spend watching eachother try. I wanted this to last so long like ancient
Tombs that put to sleep all the boys who had hopes just like mine. I want you to know
This day that I whispered your name into a pillow that just sat there and didn't move.

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