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Ricochet (1995)Edit

Ricochet - Ricochet


  1. Daddy's Money
  2. What Do I Know
  3. I Can't Dance
  4. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
  5. Ease My Troubled Mind
  6. A Little Bit of Love
  7. From Good to Bad to Worse to Gone
  8. The Truth Is I Lied
  9. I Wasn't Ready for You
  10. Rowdy

Blink of an Eye (1997)Edit

Ricochet - Blink of an Eye

Blink of an Eye

  1. Blink of an Eye
  2. He Left a Lot to Be Desired
  3. What a Woman Can Do
  4. Can't Be Good for Your Heart
  5. The Girl Formerly Known as Mine
  6. Don't Forget to Feed the Jukebox (While I'm Gone)
  7. The Last Love in This Town
  8. Connected at the Heart
  9. You Can't Go by That
  10. You Still Got It

What You Leave Behind (2000)Edit

Ricochet - What You Leave Behind

What You Leave Behind

  1. She's Gone
  2. Do I Love You Enough
  3. What You Leave Behind
  4. I Can't Believe (You Let Her Go)
  5. Baby Hold On
  6. Seven Bridges Road
  7. Why You Been Gone So Long
  8. Fall of the Year
  9. Love Is a Serious Thing
  10. You Beat All I've Ever Seen

Other SongsEdit

  1. Coo Coo Chee
  2. Rain (When Ya' Gonna' Rain Again) /Rain (Let Us Cuddle In The Rain)

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