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Straight to You

This song is by Ricky Skaggs and appears on the album Life Is A Journey (1997).

I have stumbled and I have complained on this rough and rocky road
I've been humbled caught out in the rain and it's chilled me to the bone
Now I've seen my dreams scatter like leaves lost in the wind
And if I could do it over I'd go through it all again
Cause every path I haven't chosen every heart that wasn't true
Every door that wouldn't open led me straight to you
I've been lonely I've held on to love I was never meant to have
No one told me till I let go love would stay beyond my grasp
Well it took a little heartache and it took a lot of time
But the love I didn't look for is the best I'll ever find
Cause every path I haven't chosen...
Cause every path I haven't chosen...
Every hour I've felt forsaken every storm I've struggled through
Every chance I've ever taken led me straight to you
Straight to you


Written by:

George Teren - Lee Saterfield

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