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This song is by Ricky Nelson and appears on the album Rudy the Fifth (1971).

Life, go on without me
Take it and you'll see
It doesn't matter
Life, I know what your game is
You take it and trade it
For another
Life, before you're over
I want something to show for
All my trouble

Time, come on in
I see you're back again
Where you goin' now
I thought you'd know somehow

Life, if you keep goin'
I'll try to throw in
A little love
Life, I can't do without you
There's something about you
That keeps me goin'
Life, I don't wanna stop now
I've been through so much now
Because of you

Tell me life
What are you here for
Tell me life
I wanna know more
Tell me life
What are we here for

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