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The Answer

This song is by Rick Wakeman and appears on the album Prayers (1993).

(Listen, I can hear, See me, Through my tears
You have answered me, Now I answer You)
I think I know the answer to the question in my mind
And now I see a different world Within a world that's blind
(Listen, I can hear, Touch me, Through my tears)
I only want to know You, and to help You in Your plan
And show the way that You have chosen since the world began
(Help me understand
Take me by the hand)
Show me the new found answers
Teach me to use them wisely
Spread the Word of Truth and might)
Where can I find peace with eyes that can give me vision,
Reason for Your gift of Heaven's light
(Seal with peace With hope and vision,
With the gift of Heaven's light)
I have to see The Truth for me,
The meaning of all that You have sent me to know
With open eyes, I look around at all that you've sent me
And the love that I have found
(If you can ask you will hear a reply
From the wisdom and knowledge on high
Come alive, breathing words that are from the Lord
When He comes to you, You must be ready for Him
Then He can take you to His Holy place
Come alive, Open your eyes, And look, And see His face)
I know I know the answer
To the questions in my mind
And never more will I go hungry,
Thirst for knowledge, Ask for reasons
I have found the answer in You, My Lord
(I have found You have found me)
Listen, I can hear
See me through my tears
You have answered me
Now I answer You.

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