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This song is by Rick Ross.

(Feat. jazze pha)

Woo woo
Hey hey
Baby look here we got florida gators
We got alligators
Ya hot baby ya hot
Shake it gurl

(Jazze pha:)
Shake it off
Let me see ya expertise
Striptease for a playa wit sum extra cheese
Break it off
Jus me an my home gurls
Send us a chueffer
We can come over

I did a show one night tore down the whole house
Wit a flow that will hold down the whole south
Shorty feelin' us and they want to roll out
She got a man so the plan is to hold out
I was coo wit it knew whut to do wit it
King size fit me plus 2 in it
That night it was packed tight
Bottles from tables, tables to flashlights
All I needed was a bad dime so I can fall in and out of love like I did last night
Come sleep in the street nigga that will change yo whole life jus give me a week wit her

U don't want to talk you jus wanna play
Come to my place and get bent out of shape
Friend in the benz wit the plates out of state
Come wit yo friends the chauffers on the way
Shed yo skin boy it's time to breathe that 1 bedroom shit it's time to leave
Jus smoke me like a pound of weed and I'll match the sweet least a thousand feet
Nobody party like we do
We do thug shit fuck being gq
Livin' life in a flashy way then you livin' like ross and jazze pha

I got to make my money she like it wit candles and cameras on
Bitch ya better move sumthin can't ya tell I wanna do sumthin
Back to the grind keep it clear we won't stop till we millionaires
Fuck around and get a million errors
For all this money that I'm reelin in
So calm loud things arms longer than yao mings
Shake it like you suppose to for a yung nigga from the old school

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