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I'm A G

This song is by Rick Ross, features Lil Wayne and Brisco and appears on the album Port Of Miami (2006).

I wear the gun like a urdle
Bulletproof car got me feelin' like a turtle
Sheit these niggas ain't satisfied till they get murdered.
Ya heard me
Yeah and I'm a G you ain't know a muthafuckin thang about me
I tell you one muthafuckin thang about me
Bitch I got so much money on me

~Rick ross~
I'm lookin' thug in the bentley,
I got a few slugs don't temp me
Tell em' put me up on the furmax
I'm a million dolla' nigga lets confirm that
I rep care city out in vegas
And a magic hundred thousand dolla bracelate
More guns than the matrix
Neo reload get ya face twist
Cartell cociane by the cases
Cocktail more cars than a racist
Ak's on the leer jet
Whoa... Rick Ross I'm a real threat

Rick Ross

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