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Weapons of Warfare (2005)Edit

Rick Pino - Weapons of Warfare
Weapons of Warfare
  1. Heaven's Song
  2. Sound of Revival
  3. We Prepare the Way
  4. Eyes of Zion
  5. Weapons of Warfare
  6. Fragrance of Worship
  7. I Really Love You
  8. Mighty Warrior
  9. Generation Mandate
  10. My Romance

Angel of Awakening (2007)Edit

Rick Pino - Angel of Awakening
Angel of Awakening
  1. Holy is Our King
  2. I Can Hear the Sound
  3. Daydream
  4. Your Love is Like
  5. Zerubbabel
  6. The Anthem
  7. By My Spirit

The Undiscovered (2008)Edit

Rick Pino - The Undiscovered
The Undiscovered
  1. Sound Of Heaven
  2. Water Into Wine
  3. Who's Who
  4. The Undiscovered
  5. Jesus Song
  6. Receive His Name
  7. We Have The Best Dad
  8. Dove's Eyes
  9. I Will Search
  10. Miracles In The River
  11. Garment Of Praise

Songs for an End Time Army (2009)Edit

Rick Pino - Songs for an End Time Army
Songs for an End Time Army
  1. Martyr Song
  2. I Am a Voice
  3. Show Us Your Glory
  4. Fire of the Holy Ghost
  5. Nothing But the Blood
  6. Kingdom of Heaven
  7. Lift Your Voice
  8. You're an Army
  9. Gorgeous Face
  10. You're Not Alone
  11. Penuel (Face to Face)

The Narrow Road (2010)Edit

Rick Pino - The Narrow Road
The Narrow Road
  1. Like a Child
  2. Come Make War
  3. This is Why I Am Alive
  4. Kissed by Jesus
  5. The Narrow Road
  6. Pioneer
  7. Burn for You
  8. How I Love You
  9. Your Love is Like
  10. Spirit of Elijah

Leaning on My Beloved (2013)Edit

Leaning on My Beloved
Leaning on My Beloved
  1. Harp in My Heart
  2. Lift Up Your Hands
  3. To See You, to Know You
  4. I'm Gonna Burn for You (featuring Dutch Sheets and Cindy Jacobs)
  5. Abba
  6. Set My Love on You
  7. Leaning on My Beloved
  8. When I Think of His Goodness
  9. The Wheel of God
  10. A Cheerful Heart (featuring Zoey Pino)

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