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All American Boy (1973)Edit

Rick Derringer - All American Boy

All American Boy

  1. Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo
  2. Joy Ride
  3. Teenage Queen
  4. Cheap Tequila
  5. Uncomplicated
  6. Hold
  7. The Airport Giveth (The Airport Taketh Away)
  8. Teenage Love Affair
  9. It's Rainin'
  10. Time Warp
  11. Slide on Over Slinky
  12. Jump, Jump, Jump

Spring Fever (1975)Edit

Rick Derringer - Spring Fever

Spring Fever

  1. Gimme More
  2. Tomorrow
  3. Don't Ever Say Goodbye
  4. Still Alive and Well
  5. Rock
  6. Hang on Sloopy
  7. Roll With Me
  8. Walkin' the Dog
  9. He Needs Some Answers
  10. Skyscraper Blues

Knighted by the Blues (2009)Edit

Rick Derringer - Knighted by the Blues

Knighted by the Blues

  1. The Mess Around
  2. Sometimes
  3. Give Me Some Money
  4. If 6 Was 9
  5. Knighted by the Blues
  6. Jenda
  7. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
  8. My Gals Kinda Crazy
  9. Time to Go
  10. Funny I Still Love You

The Three Kings of the Blues (2010)Edit

Rick Derringer - The Three Kings of the Blues

The Three Kings of the Blues

  1. Just a Little Bit
  2. Key to the Highway
  3. Killing Floor
  4. Let the Good Times Roll
  5. Crying Won't Help You
  6. Hide Away 1962
  7. You've Got to Love Her with a Feeling
  8. Blues Power
  9. Born Under a Bad Sign
  10. Wrapped up in Love Again
  11. Something Inside of Me

Songs on CompilationsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Beyond the Universe
  2. I Didn't Ask to Be Born
  3. Let Me In
  4. Mean Town Blues
  5. When Love Attacks

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