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​Under Flourescent Lights

This song is by Richmond Fontaine and appears on the album Miles From (1997).

His 16 year old brother waits for him
To come home to their apartment
It's been days

Under fluorescent lights and between two beds
Is a dresser and on it a picture of a
Prostitute that they both knew
And on a shelf a collection of match books
From every place they had gone
The A.M. radio stations fade
As it nears day and bar coasters are
Taped to the room's mirror so he barely see his face
His brother will live and die that way

His sixteen year old brother sits
And reads magazines and his paint
By numbers hang from every wall
And his brother lays passed out
In a constant state of repair
And he sits and watches and dreams
Of spray painting the windows black
So his brother will think it is night
And will sleep with him for days