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This song is by Richmond Fontaine and appears on the album Miles From (1997).

I walk across the pavement and go inside
To escape the heat
Cause there's no use fighting it anymore

I stare out the window here
At a closed down Texaco gas station
And a kid plays in the highway
In McDermitt at the White Horse Bar
Waiting for you to get well
Less than $90 we have left

In a motel room you won't sleep on the bed
You say it's diseased by I know it's fine
For three says with the curtains blinded
Because you won't travel when you're this way

So I go inside and I drink
And I go into the bathroom
And into a stall and smoke weed
To make the hours drift and
From a pay phone call your Mom
'Cause I've lost all clarity
But then so has she