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This song is by Richmond Fontaine and appears on the album Miles From (1997).

With no clear reasoning in mind
He stole his uncle's Peterbilt
And drove it straight into a retaining wall
He got a concussion and broke his nose and
Broke his arm the bone split and showing
He walked two miles to his apartment
Wrapped his arm in a shirt and
Disconnected the telephone
And sat for days paralyzed in fear
Of the inevitable retribution
That he was most certain would appear

His Concussion Eyes Have Followed a Black Line

He listens to the Blisters and the Flesheaters and X
And he takes ephedrine and drinks coffee
While his arm slowly becomes diseased
Paralyzed in fear because it's a rust and green
Driven state and exhaust fumes line the walls
Exhaust fumes line every wall

His Concussion Eyes Have Followed a Black Line

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