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​5 Degrees Below Zero

This song is by Richmond Fontaine and appears on the album Winnemucca (2002).

Ray Thaves at 2am sitting towards the back of a Greyhound
He sits next to an overweight lady with metal braces
On both her legs, and sits there coughing
He tries to just look out the window into the desert
Where it's 5 degrees below zero

Having to move back into his uncle's house in Las Vegas
With no money, no apartment, his music
Collection gone, everything's been pawned

A guy behind him keeps getting up and going to the bathroom
Says he's been up for days and the speeds still showing

Ray tries just to stare out the window, snow covers
Everything and it's 5 degrees below zero

Above him is a sea of stars unseen because of the weather
He tries not to look at his reflection in the window, and
There's two guys in front of him who are quietly drinking off a
Bottle and he can feel that feel, feel that feel still pulling

A girl across the aisle is giving herself an ink pen tattoo
Her kid sits next to her and her kid is crying

He finally gets up and walks to the
Front of the bus, to the bus driver,
"Pull Over! Pull Over!" he yells at the bus driver
And the bus driver,
He just pulls over

He gets off the bus in a T-shirt and leaves his
Coat and all his things aboard
As the bus pulls away he walks out into the desert
He can see the city lights in the distance
So he walks in the opposite direction

Swimming in a sea of rage that dissipates with the cold
But hours have now passed and he doesn't know
Which way to go
He tries to find the highway but snow covers everything
And it's 5 degrees below zero