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​Whipping On

This song is by Richard Thompson and appears on the album Cabaret Of Souls (2012).

Ladies and Gents,
Now we come to the main entertainment for the evening -
Bring them in, Malpensio -
Come on, we haven't got all day -
Can't you get this scum moving a little faster?
Here they are, the inhabitants of the Underworld,
What a multitude of ways they come to death
So they are a little confused
Look at them, still dreaming of their life
In the world above, their hopes their loves, their dramas
It seems a shame to rouse them from their slumbers, but it's just for a little sport…I think we can persuade them (can we persuade them?)
To sing for you
My colleagues and I may sing a little too!
Mesdames et Messieurs, sit back, relax, enjoy
Grympale - the first contestant, please!

Written by:

Richard Thompson