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Time's Gonna Break You

This song is by Richard Thompson and appears on the album Live At The BBC (2011).

You looked the hero standing there
The fanfare ringing round the square
I saw John Wayne there in your eyes
A half-smile - a little means so much
A big wave - you got that common touch
You seemed above it all
Your rise could have no fall
The cheers were soaring to the skies

But time's gonna break you
And when it it does I hope it hurts
See you get your just desserts
It'll be your turn to crawl
For the pleasure of us all

I saw you at the barbecue
Those matrons, they made a fuss of you
You knew it all, you were so wise
You knew you'd always get away
Somehow you'd never have to pay
And when the chips were down
You'd take a look around
And find some fool to take the dive

But time's gonna break you
And when it does it won't be nice
They'll use you for a sacrifice
Push you out and watch you drown
I'd be glad to hold you down

I saw you on the TV news
Each question you carefully refused
How dare they probe into your mind
I saw you give a little grin
That day the body bags flew in
'Cause there's no deathly smell
Inside the citadel
That cozy castle where you hide

But time's gonna break you
And you'll be the forgotten man
Make them love you if you can
Looking for one last excuse
With you neck inside the noose


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