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Modern Woman

This song is by Richard Thompson and appears on the compilation album RT (2006).

She leans by the pool and she dares you to stare her down
Her pulse never races and her feet never leave the ground
Her teeth are shiny, they're so manicured
She looks so distant, so self-assured
She'll take you home tonight, you'd better be all right
She's modern woman

You'll never see the wind blow the style right out of her hair
She's cool as a snake and some say it doesn't end there
She's got a brand new hat, up-to-date shoes
Latest fashion, modern point of view
She never sits still, till she's over the hill
Modern woman

Oh, you'll never see her laugh, you'll never see her fret nor frown
But the wheels of her mind go around and around and around, and around

Oh she's free as a bird and she goes wherever she please
She'll take you along if you'll just get up off your knees
She's got no strings, she likes it that way
No little babies crying all day
She doesn't need the fuss, it's so obvious
She's modern woman

Well these modern woman, they're all the same
They just want your body they don't want your brain
She'll bid you adieu when she's had enough of you
Modern woman
She looks so demure, you feel so insecure
Modern woman
She's cool as ice, she never looks twice
Modern woman
She never sits still, till she's over the hill
Modern woman


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