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I Want The World

This song is by Richard Thompson and appears on the album Cabaret Of Souls (2012).

I didn't get where I am today by being shy
I didn't get to the top of the tree by being 'laid back'
You see me on stage and screen and cry, encore, encore!
But if you knew the hardship - my dear what a bore

When I was young my Daddy would say
You'll be my princess on a butcher's pay
Is there anything my little angel needs?
And I'd say Daddy, O yes indeed!

I Want The World and everything in it
I Want The World, and I want it this minute
Don't hold me back, don't bar the door
That makes mad, and I want it more
I Want The World

If I lack talent, then I'll sweat some
And by sheer hard work, by golly, I'll get some
And if that doesn't work I'll just buy some
And they'll say. Is this yours? And I'll just lie some

I Want The World in all its glory
I Want The World, that's it, end of story
Don't care what plots I have to hatch
Don't care what backs I have to scratch
I Want The World
My children are my darling precious projects
Like little fashion statements by my side
They're super at reflecting Mummy's glory
At photo opps I try to swell with pride

As for my husband - no, no, the third one
Not the cheap one, or the dumb one, the absurd one
He had the nerve to call me unforgiving
And now he's frying burgers for a living

As for charity, I've raised some cash
I hug the poor whenever cameras flash
Social taboos - I always fight 'em
On stage I might remove another item


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