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I Get Younger

This song is by Richard Thompson and appears on the album Cabaret Of Souls (2012).

The first cut is the worst
After that you don't feel it
The less you smile
The more help to conceal it

Cut me a thousand times
If it helps me to live forever
Cut me a thousand times
So I can face the mirror

I Get Younger
I Get Younger
I get stronger every day
I Get Younger
I Get Younger
I live longer every day

I love the life I live
No-one can take it away
Doctor, a little more here, and here
Now I'm ready to face the day

Doctor keep me young
Doctor keep me pretty
Whatever pain it takes
I'm afraid of nothing but pity

The whispers behind my back
The laughter ringing in my ears
Mutton dressed up as lamb
Can you cut away the years


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