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Breaking Down The Walls

This song is by Richard Thompson and appears on the album Cabaret Of Souls (2012).

You don't often see my face
Behind the headlines, that's my place
Working with the backroom boys
Without making too much noise

But without me, others like me
Your cozy world would cease to be
There'd be no way to stop the disease
You'd be talking Russian or Chinese

And the hordes fly
And the saints cry
Now they're breaking down the walls
It takes lies and guns
And a sacrifice of sons
Now they're breaking down the walls

I put generals' kids through school
Grease the palms of princes too
Whisper in a president's ear
Crank the machinery of fear

And those civilians, innocent ones
Who stop a bullet, or stop a bomb
They're harboring criminals. they're in league
Might as well dress them in fatigues

I see billions come and go
Move it around like you'd never know
And what's all that money for?
Greasing up the wheels of war

Of course I'm proud of what I do
Little man, I'm saving you
My job, someone's got to do it
The gate's breached, they're pouring through it

Written by:

Richard Thompson