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Bosom Of The Lord

This song is by Richard Thompson and appears on the album Cabaret Of Souls (2012).

There is joy in The Sign
And it's mine, all mine
There is refuge from evil and sin
And God will provide
Should my spiritual side
Be concerned more without than within

Safe in The Bosom Of The Lord

My soul it takes wing
When the choirboys sing
O the choirboys, cherubs, for sure
And my fingers might stray
In a casual way
Just affection, no less and no more

Safe In The Bosom Of The Lord

I am tempted to fall
That is life, after all
But I never succumb all the way
And I'm first on my knees
With my Book and my beads
Whenever I'm out on display

On daytime TV
I command quite a fee
I prostrate till I'm covered in blisters
And if I get caught
At indelicate sport
I can blame all those devilish whispers

Safe In The Bosom Of The Lord

Calvary Hill
Is worth twenty five mill.
My ministry's starting to take off
And we give to the left
And we give to the right
So no one will notice the rake-off

Safe In The Bosom Of The Lord


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