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Sparrows Point (1992)Edit

Richard Shindell - Sparrows Point
Sparrows Point
  1. Are You Happy Now?
  2. Castaway
  3. By Now
  4. The Courier
  5. Sparrows Point
  6. The Kenworth Of My Dreams
  7. On A Sea Of Fleur De Lis
  8. Memory Of You
  9. You Again
  10. Nora
  11. Howling At The Trouble

Blue Divide (1994)Edit

Richard Shindell - Blue Divide
Blue Divide
  1. A Summer Wind, A Cotton Dress
  2. Fishing
  3. The Ballad Of Mary Magdalen
  4. Lazy
  5. The Things That I Have Seen
  6. TV Light
  7. A Tune For Nowhere
  8. Arrowhead
  9. Ascent
  10. Blue Divide

Reunion Hill (1997)Edit

Richard Shindell - Reunion Hill
Reunion Hill
  1. Next Best Western
  2. Smiling
  3. May
  4. I Saw My Youth Today
  5. Reunion Hill
  6. Beyond The Iron Gate
  7. Darkness, Darkness
  8. Money For Floods
  9. Easy Street
  10. The Weather
  11. I'll Be Here In The Morning

Somewhere Near Paterson (2000)Edit

Richard Shindell - Somewhere Near Paterson
Somewhere Near Paterson
  1. Confessions
  2. Abuelita
  3. You Stay Here
  4. My Love Will Follow You
  5. Spring
  6. Wisteria
  7. Waiting For The Storm
  8. The Grocer's Broom
  9. Merritt Parkway, 2am
  10. Transit
  11. Calling The Moon

Courier (2002)Edit

Richard Shindell - Courier
  1. The Courier
  2. Memory Of You
  3. Next Best Western
  4. Willin
  5. The Kenworth Of My Dreams
  6. Nora
  7. Arrowhead
  8. Reunion Hill
  9. Fishing
  10. A Summer Wind, A Cotton Dress
  11. On A Sea Of Fleur De Lis
  12. The Ballad Of Mary Magdalen
  13. Are You Happy Now?
  14. Transit
  15. Fourth Of July, Asbury Park

Vuelta (2004)Edit

Richard Shindell - Vuelta
  1. Fenario
  2. Waist In The Big Muddy
  3. The Island
  4. Hazel's House
  5. Che Guevara T-Shirt
  6. Cancion Sencilla
  7. There Goes Mavis
  8. So Says The Whipporwill
  9. The Last Fare Of The Day
  10. Gray Green

South Of Delia (2007)Edit

Richard Shindell - South of Delia
South of Delia
  1. Acadian Driftwood
  2. Senor ( Tales Of Yankee Power )
  3. Humpback Whale
  4. Born In The U.S.A.
  5. Mercy Street
  6. Storms Are On The Ocean
  7. Northbound 35
  8. Sitting On Top Of The World
  9. Texas Rangers
  10. Deportee ( Plane Wreck At Los Gatos )
  11. Solo Le Pido A Dios
  12. Lawrence, KS

Not Far Now (2009)Edit

Richard Shindell - Not Far Now
Not Far Now
  1. Parasol Ants
  2. A Juggler Out In Traffic
  3. Gethsemani Goodbye
  4. Que Hago Ahora?
  5. Bye Bye
  6. Mariana's Table
  7. State Of The Union
  8. One Man's Arkansas
  9. Get Up Clara
  10. The Mountain
  11. Balloon Man

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Born: 1960. Avtive: 1991-present

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