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Peace Of Mind

This song is by Richard Page and Aja Page and appears on the album Peculiar Life (2010) by Richard Page.

I just want to be the one you understand
Doing whatever in your world I can
Fame's not what I'm after
It's love and laughter
That show me who I really am

Thinking 'bout a starry night so bright and clear
Every little thing you can feel and hear
A whirlwind of illusion
Above the confusion
Floating in the atmosphere

These days it seems
It's so easy to just walk blind
Forget what it means
To have any true peace of mind
I just want a little peace of mind

I just want to hold you when you're feeling scared
And whisper that I'm never gonna go nowhere
Though I can't promise
The sky won't fall on us
This moment's all we really share

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