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Shadow On My Life

This song is by Richard Page and appears on the album Peculiar Life (2010).

There's a shadow on my life
And it hides my heart from me
Since you went away
Since you went away

When there's laughter on the wind
It's not laughter meant for me
It's a mocking voice I hear
Holding out my heart
Holding out my heart
For all to see

And I wonder why we live
And I wonder why we die
And I wonder when my world will be free
There's a shadow on my life
Where a ghost still haunts my nights
A shadow where you used to live in me

Believe in love they told me once
I just laughed and took it for granted
But now I've learned
Now I've learned
This shadow is my memory

Oh, I will rise
These chains as weightless as the wind
Yeah, I will rise
When I see your face again

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