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No Tomorrow

This song is by Richard Page and appears on the album Peculiar Life (2010).

Times are so uncertain now I find
Everything is changing in the blink of an eye
There is so little to hold on to
And this world is slowly losing
All that's simple and true
All we do is talk about it
Never really do a thing about it
Oh, until it's too late

Let's not take for granted
A moment like this
How do we know this might be our last kiss
If it all came down to making one final wish
Then tell me, why don't we love
Love like there's no tomorrow

So let me hold you like I never have
Let me breathe you into my memory
Any way I can
'Cause nobody knows when our time is through
And there's still so much of me
I haven't given to you

But I don't want to just talk about it
We gotta do something about it
Oh, before it's too late

And I know this love between us has no end
Even if I never see your face again

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