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Give It Away

This song is by Richard Page and appears on the album Peculiar Life (2010).

Beyond a shadow of doubt
Ain't some place I've been
But I've sure been down and out
My good luck running thin
Don't know which way I'm going
But I know when I get there
I'm gonna give it away
Gonna give it away

Now you say some got to struggle
And honey, that's so sad
I don't want to burst your bubble
But I think we all have
There ain't one of us here
Who'll ever be free
Unless we give it away
Got to give it away

Let the light from the sun up above
Shine into your heart
Let the rain that washes the tears away
Come and wash your tears away

Now heaven knows all the trouble
We've got ourselves into
Always got to show some muscle
Instead of sweet virtue
If we could just see each other
As one in the same
I know we'd give it away
Got to give it away

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