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The Latin title of this song is "Exclamativ". The English translation is "Exclaimed".

Original Latin lyricsEdit

Exclamavit autem voce magna...
"Deus aeterne, qui absconditorum es cognitor,
qui nosta omnia antequam fiant,
tu scis quoniam falsum testimonium tulerunt
contra me; et ecce morior, cum nihil horum
fecerim quae isti malitiose composuerunt adversum me."

Thronus... flammae ignis,
Rotae eius ignis accensus.
Fluvius igneus rapidusque
egrediebatur a facie eius,
Millia millium ministrabant...
Ed decies millies centena millia
Iudicium sedit,
et libri aperti sunt.

English translationEdit

She cried out in a loud voice
"Everlasting God, who knows things hidden
and all things before they happen,
you know they have borne false witness against me;
and see! I die, although I am innocent of everything
their malice has invented against me." Daniel 13:42

His throne... was ablaze with flames,
His wheels were a burning fire.
A swift river of fire
came forth from his countenance
A thousand thousand waited upon him
Ten thousand times a hundred thousand
stood by...
The court sat,
and the books were openend. Daniel 7:9