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The Last Ride (Bonus Track)

This song is by Richard Buckner and appears on the album Bloomed (1994).

Gone ...
Somewhere in Texas,
Where the cars can run all day.
With the doors on the garage shut up and his wife and daughter away.
Well, he didn't know much misery ...
But there was plenty of time to learn ...
So with his foot on the pedal, he wonders about her?

Do you hear that dream a-comin'?
And do you feel that mighty moan?
Spill burned and paling in memory and skin and bone ...
Well, once he loved her truly,
But twice he wasn't sure?

"Will she be home by morning?"
He wonders about her.

And it's down, demon, down!
You put that bottle back between your horns!
Tonight we'll sleep on the years we made,
And I'll sleep a little ... more.

Oh, the ride just left him stranded, he was all unhad by her eyes,
So now the motor turns him over for the drive of his life ...
But as he figures out his turnaround,
He doesn't say a word ...
He just wonders how much longer he'll wonder about her?

Yeah, the pinner's almost burned down ...

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