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This song is by Richard Buckner and appears on the album Meadow (2006).

Kingdom calling: don't you want to come and hide all the way to the other side? Your turn falling didn't land at all and, some would say, was never gone. Can't you stand to reason with the hours? Some thing stopped you, but, the lanes'd changed as you pulled away. Come-to (played-out) with all the hooks to hang aground, swinging through.

("Cut me down!")

I'll bet you get, guessing through the night, kindest, face-down.

("The load would rise where it used to lie.")

What's lost. I knew, but, I thought it couldn't be all the time and everything. Lastly, onto 'is-there-anything -I-can-do?'.

("Clear the door to another room.")

Downtown/Letdown at the bottom of the lights: stray back, although, it's just too far the way we are.

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