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Blue And Wonder

This song is by Richard Buckner and appears on the album Bloomed (1994).

I've been stunned
And I've been turned
I've been undone and burned
I saw you as the answer to
Years of blue and wonder
Your voice shakes me through
But you don't know what I might be
You haven't seen the worst of me
But when your eyes move up I'm silent

Put your arm around me
And pull your mouth up to mine
And what's the word

I forget sometimes
It's the one that means
The love has left your eyes

I'm thinking now when I first knew
I was lying with a stranger
You were curled up with a paper

In your little SOMA room
The telephone was pouring blue
And when I hung up with you
I was sick and sad and wished I had
Just a kiss to bring you over

I'm wondering of you now
And what happened to you
I remember words
That were said and sighed and written
But I hear things, you know
I hear the bottle broke us down

But not a word from you yet
There's things that
Even a drunk will never forget

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