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A Goodbye Rye

This song is by Richard Buckner and appears on the album Richard Buckner (1996) and on the album Devotion & Doubt (1997).

Once upon a blue thing or two, eyes and sighs and a moon-confused, we heard the sparks fly and we watched their lies. Some died in retreat, some in jealousy

You know boredom breeds temptation in it's wake, but you will look @ what temptation's done?
The spirits here in the hollow - a message @ the bottom of the bottle:
"Oh the sky tonight is grey."
"Oh the quiver and the quake..."

We cheered away a goodbye rye then bled on down the road,
But when the buzz was over, man...

The years are slow, so I'll lie alone. Do you want your name to burn away?
Oh But, lies aside, will I ride along and through and over you?

Sleep, shame, Reno's low behind in flames. So, in your misty midst, on
Your lowland frame, won't you sleep, shame?

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