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We're Back We're Pissed

This song is by Rich Kids On LSD and appears on the album Riches To Rags (1994).

Well, the youth is when we started
So the young should listen up
Now is here but the futures up to us.
I've been to hell's high acre where
Self-destruction's going strong.
A place that if it's possible all
That can will sure go wrong.
Will sure go wrong.
Well, a vacations what we wanted,
Although four years was much too long.
And it's your emotions and attitudes that kept us strong.
There's no hippie turncoat incense charm perfection reached
We're back, We're pissed!
We're back, We're pissed.
We're back, We're pissed.
We're back, We're pissed.
We're fucking pissed!
Well, a story will unfold making sense
When it's through of exactly
Who we are and the effect we've had on you.
There's no inhibitions, hidden thoughts,
It slowly will unfold.
Rich kids were here and we ain't leaving till we get old.
We ain't living till we get old.

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