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Song of All

This song is by Rian Murphy and Will Oldham and appears on the EP All Most Heaven (2000).

O when were you going
I was sewing for a while
Say love were you sadie
Sadie sadie deals a lie
Bolly bolly bolly bolly
Bol (d) ly by

He got a legging
And he said it wasn't I
If I saw I guess you dig
It's a labor will it buy
Bolly bolly bolly bolly
Bolly by

He was a kneeful
Was a kneeful
Was an eye
Sadie sadie sadie sadie
Bol (d) ly buy

Ess for the beda
Basted ada deedle eye
For the way to be hated
Is abated audobye
Bolly bolly bolly bolly
Bolly by

O on the topful
Want an awful
Way to buy
Sadie sadie sadie sadie
Boly buy


Written by:

Will Oldham

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