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The Instigator (2002)Edit

Rhett Miller - The Instigator
The Instigator
  1. Our Love
  2. This Is What I Do
  3. Come Around
  4. Things That Disappear
  5. World Inside The World
  6. Point Shirley
  7. Four-Eyed Girl
  8. Hover
  9. The El
  10. Your Nervous Heart
  11. I Want To Live
  12. Terrible Vision

The Believer (2004)Edit

Rhett Miller - The Believer
The Believer
  1. My Valentine
  2. Help Me, Suzanne
  3. Meteor Shower
  4. Brand New Way
  5. Ain't That Strange
  6. I Believe She's Lying
  7. Fireflies
  8. Singular Girl
  9. I'm With Her
  10. Delicate
  11. The Believer
  12. Question

Rhett Miller (2009)Edit

Rhett Miller - Rhett Miller
Rhett Miller
  1. Nobody Says I Love You Anymore
  2. Like Love
  3. Caroline
  4. I Need To Know Where I Stand
  5. Happy Birthday Don't Die
  6. Bonfire
  7. Haphazardly
  8. If It's Not Love
  9. Another Girlfriend
  10. Refusing Temptation
  11. Lashes
  12. Sometimes

The Dreamer (2012)Edit

Rhett Miller - The Dreamer
The Dreamer
  1. Lost Without You
  2. Long Long Long
  3. Out Of Love
  4. Sleepwalkin'
  5. This Summer Lie
  6. I'll Try To
  7. Marina
  8. Swimmin' In Sunshine
  9. As Close As I Came To Being Right
  10. Love Grows
  11. Picture This
  12. Complicated Man
  13. Sweet Dreams

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Heartbreaking Love (Live)
  2. Need To Know Where I Stand
  3. Une Question

Additional information

Rhett Miller is a member of:

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