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Trans Jam

This song is by Rheostatics and appears on the album The Nightlines Sessions (1998).

Rheostatics and Farm Fresh

(Always fresh, never stale, only forgotten.)

I slide over tracks like a toboggan,
Got your noggin boggin',
Tearing down obstacles like some industry lot.
Timber! And I'm seeing oxygen like post-decline,
Pretends to not to want the greasy rhyme.
You picked a fine time to leave me,
But I gave hope.
The hardest thing you ever did was try to quit smoking.
Are you joking? I bring my Walkman to the boss,
Second oxygen mask for all the talk.
Farm Fresh, dropping dogs like dog's perfect store.
Keeps the beat moving, I'm for food, not bombs.
Bring me movies and religion and I'll grab the receipts for 'em.
We're old timers, but you're forgetting who runs shit.
Now and then and past the 2000.
Hi man's, I be hoppin' with the 'Statics, blow your house.
Right from the corner of the earth which could be a heaven.
Duty destroyed, but restored by those seven
Whose media was the canvas. Going crazy like Candis.
From "Self-Serve Gas Station," you know who the band is:
Martin, Tim, and Don, and Dave, a sure-shot from the east,
From the middle trace. Yes, like peace-peace-peace-peace,
We got the peace. Rheostatics, Farm Fresh:
We bring the peace.

I live you spinnin' kinda like a game of chance.
Get your tickets in advance.
I came to enhance the trance, but not the wealth.
Got the bad habit of thinking for myself, trait not too common.
All too often watchin' kids get lost in the mix.
Dicks get tossed, then towels get tossed in.
Sour minds and Boston, folks by the dozen
Came to my show for my American cousins.
Well, example of my point on my choice of McDonald's,
Knowing Ronald, not John A. Now we're upon it.
Rock, or should I say Canadian Shield?
Do not yield, use your mind, instead you level the playin' field.
Yes, can I get even more emphatic?
Workin' with the Rheostatics,
Now we got you flippin' like an acrobatic.
My name is Art, I'm from the new Farm Fresh,
And it's the music and the art making Canada best.

(Pumpin' and a-thumpin', never stop my groove.)

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