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The Woods Are Full Of Cuckoos

This song is by Rheostatics and appears on the album Introducing Happiness (1995).

Dave Bidini

The West Hill winged sensation
Brought me love and realization
On a cold and dreary night in '84.
I saw him reading Mazeroski's Baseball Annual.
He was a baseball animal.
I asked him could I take a look.
He offered me the book,
Ya, he was older, a little weirder,
And to boot, he played the lapsteel,
Yet it sounded like a violin.
Lemme tellya 'bout the band he's in.

The Woods are Full of Cuckoos.

His name was Gord, the band was great,
A benchmark of the scene,
And maybe I'll make you a dub sometime
And you can tape over the Vital Sines.
The band broke up and that's a shame,
But I just can't forget this name.

(I'll bet you.)

The West Hill winged sensation!