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The Harmelodian Anthem

This song is by Rheostatics and appears on the album The Story of Harmelodia (1999).

Dave Bidini

Have you heard the story of the children who wandered
So deep into the garden where the monkeybird sings?
Swallowed by a green gulf of flowers and fauna,
They fell into the strange world of Dr. Drumstein.

Harmelodia. City of the sleeping babies.
Ride the Toothsome Wavy.
(I took myself down to the bar, called your name out to the stars.)

There's the big museum, the lightbulbs, you've seen them,
The Horsery, and Seaweed Aquarium sit.
Dot and Bug were learning with the wingophones twirling,
So will they ever get back to father and home in...

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