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Sweet, Rich, Beautiful, Mine

This song is by Rheostatics and appears on the album The Blue Hysteria (1996).

Martin Tielli & Tamara Williamson

Sweet mouth...
When you formally say you are mine,
Will you bitter, and look up,
Confess you don't understand, and
Actually hate who you know?
It's pitiful, but it's you
In full glamour.

Sweet face...
Twisted and stiffened in a boring place.
With such a rich mind,
Life could be jewelry.
It's pitiful, but it's you
In full glamour.

You're rich,
('Cause) You're/So beautiful,
And you're mine...

Sweetest ass...
Can I take you away from this trash?
If you'll pack up the movie
That you are directing,
A documentary of some foppy old sop star
With a pomp like a cockatoo.
Is that who you're portraying?
Or some tiresome injustice
That's replaced by another
In the end, is that what you're saying?
(Is that what you're saying to me?)