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Song Of Courtship

This song is by Rheostatics and appears on the album Music From the Motion Picture Whale Music (1994).

Dave Bidini, Martin Tielli, Tim Vesely

Wish I wasn't here now...
You made me what I am...
If it wasn't clear now...
You made me and I am...

I know that you're concerned:
(Stop, stop swirling round and whirling round my...)
I'm swirling round my sign,
(Stop, stop twirling and emerging from the...)
Standing red at the bottom.
(Stop, stop squirreling and we're swerving and we're...)
And now she's worrying we're drowning
(Stop, stop surging until we're marching uphill.)
Until we're marching uphill,
(Stop, stop smiling and beguiling and it's...)
Down and going down to San Francisco.
(Stop, stop swallowing, you'd better eat it.)
Sweet, it's better there.
(Stop, stop stomaching the fruit you like now.)
You're the proof I am whole.
(Stop, stop shreefer, madness, static, straza.)