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Remain Calm

This song is by Rheostatics and appears on the album Night of the Shooting Stars (2001).

Tim Vesely

Let's remain calm.
Let's not underestimate the calm.
When a wave take its turn,
Delivering its worth,
And never to return.
Contributing to calm.

Let's remain Calm.
Let's not forget our friend the Calm.
Hands to the side
And dropping like a stone.
Struggling subsides.
Ripples in the calm.

Let's sustain whatever brings the calm again
And refrain from rippling the calm again.
Ripples in the calm again. Ripples in the calm.

Breeze into the wind.
Let's not start what we can't end.

Let's resist the author's lines
By drowning over-actors in applause.
We could post evacuation signs
For leaving buldings and
Drowning over-actors
In applause.
Let's remain calm.

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