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Rain, Rain, Rain

This song is by Rheostatics and appears on the album Whale Music (1992).

Martin Tielli

I'm feeling really down... today.
I'm feeling really... under the weather;
And it is no problem, or lack of pleasure.
It's just the weather.

Rain keeps coming down around,
And I can feel the... low pressure.
Whenever that it stops, it turns to ICE.
I'm feeling really down.

'Cause rain, rain, rain keeps coming down, down, down.
(Rain), rain, rain, rain, rain keeps coming down
On the ground.
Rain, rain, rain, rain, keeps coming down.
Rain, rain, rain.

Whenever it's like this... people
Always want to... pass the buck.
But I don't even give...
I'm feeling really...

I'm feeling really... guilty.
I'm feeling like I'm owing money,
But I don't even know anybody.

I'm feeling really down.

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