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Power Ballad For Ozzy Osbourne

This song is by Rheostatics and appears on the album 2067 (2004).

Dave Bidini

Rock band play rock and roll all day.
Rock man say rock and roll will never die.

Ozzy, dear old Ozzy,
You are rock and roll to me.
Half-deaf, drunk, and drooling
With your nagging, chronic knees.
Miss Cocaine closed her sugar thighs.
All pigeons here are spared.
From what I see, the only thing
That's rocking is your chair.

Oh, Ozzy, dear old Ozzy,
You are every young man's dream,
Holed up in a castle
With your life lived on TV.
But our world desires your spitting fire,
Rebellion, hate, and rage.
You've won the right to live your life
Inside your pretty cage. (Brit rock!)

Oh, Ozzy, dear old Ozzy,
Will we ever see the day
When the Lions of the Fuzztone,
They return to rule and play?
Have they all enlargened prostates?
A testicular self-exam
Is where this crazy train
Lets off this wild and crazy man. Crazy.