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Never Forget

This song is by Rheostatics and appears on the album The Blue Hysteria (1996).

Don Kerr

I just want to thank you.
Okay, well, I'd like to please you too.
But if I just can't have you,
I will never forget.

I'd like to alert you.
I hope that I'll never hurt you, too.
And if I can't even flirt with you,
I will never forget.

'Cause in your eyes I see the sun,
I feel the rain, I hear the birds
Flying every day.
It's in the ice melting,
And my heart beating in the heat of my fever.
How could I ever forget?

Been hiding everything.
Inside me is exploding, too.
The shelter that you show me,
I could never forget.
Becoming just something.
Be leaving every single thing.
Behind me there's nothing left
I will ever regret.

Out on the street I see your smile
On every baby, every tree,
Every animal I see
Your face, it's in the sun shining
And the moon crying in machines
In the weather in my dreams.
I could never forget.

Julia, where ya goin'
With your chicken, Dale?

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