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This song is by Rheostatics and appears on the album The Story of Harmelodia (1999).

Kevin Hearn

Monkeybird, monkeybird,
My brother Bug and I heard you high up in a tree,
So high we couldn't see.
Monkey, hey. Monkey, hi.
Up the yobbinberry tree climb. My voice is hoarse and thin
From trying to imitate it.

I hope it doesn't end before the day is done,
'Cause we love the song.
It's sad when it's done.

Monkeybird, monkeybird,
Do you eat bananas or worms?
Your voice haunting and free brings out the monkey in me.

(Monkeybird, up high in banana tree.
Monkeybird, you sit all alone like me.)

Monkeybird, monkeybird.
My brother, Bug, is a turd. He always sings along
And gets my favorite part wrong.

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