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Introducing Happiness

This song is by Rheostatics and appears on the album Introducing Happiness (1995).

Tim Vesely

I was so unhappy. (I'm unhappy, too.)
Didn't know, unhappy. (I'm unhappy, too.)

Look who's found you someone.
Look who stole you from your nest...
And in thieving, we stole you from an icy death, yeah.
November's cold and lonely here,
But not at home and
I'm so happy I could make you happy.

Introducing happiness.

What do I owe you,
Or do you owe me more?
A better deal than this there's
Never been before.
I must appear a mess to
Have to write a song about you.
But you make me...

Introducing all this love into our house.
Well, your brother lives with mother
And your sister loves it
In Upstate New York.

When I see you
Throw the kitchen windows open wide,
I'll take a second to thank you.
I feel so good inside.
Although I go away sometimes,
Take your picture in my mind,
So when I'm yards and yards away
I am reminded not to stray.
Unless I've climbed the tallest tree.
Only that will keep me.

Introducing happiness.
Introducing happiness.
Introducing you.

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