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In This Town

This song is by Rheostatics and appears on the album Introducing Happiness (1995).

Martin Tielli

All around... there's a beautiful smell,
And you can't smell nothing else.
It's the smell... of everything that we expel.

In this town... there are cars and truck.
In this town are cars and trucks.
In this world... are streets and avenues... (cars, trucks, cars...)
... And all around
There is mmm and Ah.
All around there's MMM and Ah.
Then there's this forgotten little murmur
They call nothing much at all...

You're such a happening fish
Flopping on me;
Throughout all this time...
So complicated and unfree.
From a young boy... with a tail,
Into a fish with a b-book or two published.

I love you... because you don't know why.
You don't know why you feel resentful,
And you weep...
And sometimes you are cruel.

I love you... because you took a stand
For those of us who are the weaker,
'Cause we're not fakes.
We are wild and we are screwed.

You and I... might have a lot to learn;
But we're shot out of the earth and we tumble into holes.
In the interim we're spinning and we don't know how to fall.
All the idiots WHO'RE talking don't know anything at all...

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