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Higher And Higher

This song is by Rheostatics and appears on the album Greatest Hits (1987).

Dave Bidini

This is some dancing party.
All of the stars and the moon have fallen.
What did you see down at the fountain?
I looked for it once, but never again.
Where were you when the lights faded?
I chased the girl with the pills in her purse.
They set a fire to the great statue
I watched it go down, and it bored me to tears.

And I watched you with my camera over thousand miles of road.
But you always left me waiting on the phone...

This is the one that I wanted forever.
She stood at the door with her ten-dollar grin.
Morning I woke up, and I blamed the weather:
She held me outside, but wouldn't come in.
So plug in the stars, they'll shine like electric.
The party is over 'cause no one can sing.
Though I was happy, then I started thinking.
Distance can't bridge even simpler things.

Up, up, higher and higher.
I'll climb the walls but I'll tumble back down.
Lord, how I wish I had wings.
(Lord, how I wish I could fly...)

If time is the rope that ties us together,
The clock on the wall has a globe of its own.
Thought I was happy, then I started drinking.
And then I would see you come sailing back home.
Back home.

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