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Age of the Red Moon

This song is by Rhapsody of Fire.

Age of the Red Moon!

Iron was glinting black-red through a war
Three thousand years before.
Infinite rivers all ran on black blood,
There all of the whole icy plains.
Over the pages of that holy book,
So like the ancients have told,
It was the Erian's ancient white book
Written with immortal blood.

Age of the mystic red moon.
On the nordic plains men and dragons fell down.
Age of the mystic red moon.
The last time that men saw that magical moon.
Erian's rhymes, angels' might.

The pages of angels could not be destroyed,
So they were hidden so well.
The Black Order knew that those holy rhymes
Were a big threat for their aim.
I am convinced this is more than a tale.
The answer lies in the abyss.
It's time to enter Dar-Kunor's walls.
I hear the last angels' call.

Age of the mystic red moon...

Age of the mystic red moon...

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