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A New Saga Begins

This song is by Rhapsody of Fire and appears on the album Triumph or Agony (2006).

Into the darkness they crossed the marsh
And entered the frozen cave.
A secret path was cut into the rock,
A labyrinth a twisted maze.
An unknown misty haze.

Khaas' eyes focused on the grey rock,
He saw it in a different way.
The riddle soon would be solved,
An illusion was carved in the stone.
The arrows show where to go.

They are the last hope
For men, dragons and dwarves,
Spirits of the forests,
Shy elves and trolls!
Five go from Elgard
Into the darkness leaving the light
To find the Black Order's
Immortal dark rhymes.
To find the written words
By Hellgod's unholy son!
Prevent him from returning
And save the whole world.
Through the valley of sin,
Led by the whispers of holy wind
Into Dar-Kunor - a new saga begins!

The well of dead souls appears,
A red river's flowing inside.
There's no way to cross, there's no way to climb,
They wish they were birds and could fly.
Fly to the other side.

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